Admissions Kindergarten - 8th 

All Kindergarten through 8th grade applicants who want to apply to Calvary Chapel Academy must complete the following process:

  1. Follow the link to apply for each child you are enrolling.

    * If your child has a 504 or an IEP, it must be reviewed by our Admissions Department prior to filling out an application

    * If you are registering your child for VPK, you MUST also obtain an ELC Voucher by filling out the information on the following website:

  2. At least one parent of our Kindergarten through 8th grades students must be an active follower of Jesus Christ, a born again Christian. You will be contacted by the office staff to set up an appointment with administration for a spiritual interview.

  3. Testing for new students in grades 1 through 8 will be offered on four different dates throughout the summer. Each new student must take an entrance exam to determine their academic standing. These tests cover math, reading and language arts, and contain material covered in the grade prior to which the student is applying.

  4. For students enrolling after the school year begins, the procedures are identical to those who are enrolled at the beginning of a new school year with the exception that a start date will be determined once the testing process is completed.

    Calvary Chapel Academy accepts the following scholarships:

    Step Up For Students -

    McKay Scholarship -

    Gardiner Scholarship -

    AAA Scholarship Foundation -

* Calvary Chapel Academy admits students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin