Dear CCA Family and Guests:

As last school year wound down and I had the opportunity to speak to many parents at our End of the Year Awards, the topic naturally came up regarding how much the students had grown. This led to a great deal of my quiet time with God spent reflecting on how students grow and our responsibility as a Christian school related to that growth.

When I was young, my mother owned a plant store. I remember many trips to the green house in eastern Pennsylvania where my mom would purchase her inventory for the store. In that sometimes cold and harsh climate of the north, the plants, many of them tropical, thrived in a controlled environment of temperature, moisture, and light.

In many ways, CCA functions in much the same way; teaching students spiritually, academically, and socially in a monitored and controlled environment where they have the opportunity to grow apart from a harsh environment (the world). And that’s when the idea for this year’s theme began to, pardon the pun, bloom.

Taking a look at 1 Corinthians 3:6-15, we see a passage written by Paul which draws many parallels to both growing and building up believers. One of the first observations in this passage that I believe is applicable to CCA is acknowledgement that while one plants, and another waters, it is God who makes things grow. Additionally, Paul makes a point to add that we are co-workers in God’s service which aptly describes the relationship between parents and CCA. Spiritual instruction starts in the home and we, as a school, are honored to come alongside you in that role. Lastly, I would like to bring attention to verses 10 and 11 where Paul speaks about the importance of building with care on the foundation already laid, which is Jesus Christ.

“Grow” already seems to be a fitting theme for this school year as we have been blessed with provision and growth within our faculty and student population, but it is even more remarkable year after year to see the incredible growth of each and every student at CCA over the course of a year, and this year will be no different. Pray with me for a blessed year, look forward to the growth God has in store, and thank you for choosing CCA as the spiritual and academic greenhouse for your child this school year.

In Him,

Tim Flay
Head of School

Tim Flay